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Group B

GroupDate 2017-MM-DD
Local Time (EDT)
Home Score Visitor Venue
03B 07-08
3:30 (4:30)
USA USA 0-0 PAN PAN   Nissan Stadium
Nashville, TN
04B 07-08
6:00 (7:00)
MTQ MTQ 0-0 NCA NCA   Nissan Stadium
Nashville, TN
6:30 (6:30)
pan PAN 0-0 NCA PAN   Raymond James Stadium
Tampa FL
10:00 (10:00)
USA USA 0-0 MTQ MTQ   Raymond James Stadium
Tampa FL
4:30 (4:30)
PAN PAN 0-0 MTQ MTQ   FirstEnergy Stadium
Cleveland, OH
7:00 (7:00)
CAN CAN 0-0 HON HON   FirstEnergy Stadium
Cleveland, OH
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JAM 1B MTQ Martinique0
NCA 2B NCA Nicaragua0 
PAN 3B PAN Panama0
USA 4B USA United States0

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